Cleo Carol Knopf -


I am here to create songs and dances that speak from my heart. My mission can be expressed through my names. My chosen name, Cleo, means the glory of the soul.  In Ancient Greek epic poetry, Cleo is the quality, poets and warriors strive for and can be achieved only by risking all for a noble cause, whether that risk be on the battlefield, the stage or in life. It represents the all-encompassing giving of the self for an honorable goal, humanitarian ideals, truth and beauty. Through this name I commit to singing and dancing for universal truth.  

The name, Carol, means "A dance of joy," and is the most ancient of dances we know of in the geographical region that is now western Europe. It was danced by a people known as "The Fairies," the original inhabitants of the area, who danced The Carol around a tree in the forest while singing.  The Carol is a dance of equality of all people, world unity, and worship of nature.  Thus, my songs and dances strive to relate to the issues of our times: expressing compassion for our planet, our water, our wild life, and all our people wherever they are from. 

I strive for more and more connection to my fellow human beings.